TITANIUM SERIES Rollers Questions

My doors are BIG. Will your rollers work?

Our rollers are designed specifically FOR large doors. They will carry up to 4 or 5 times the normal load of a standard roller. We can’t say that they will fit ANY size of door, but a quick inspection by one of our technicians and we can tell you for sure.

I just replaced my rollers a couple of years ago and now they won't roll. How do I know that your rollers won't do this?

If you replaced your rollers or even had someone other than Power Track do it for you, you don’t have TITANIUM Series HD Rollers. Most rollers have plastic bushings, metal bushings or cheap bearings used to make them roll. At Power Track, our TITANIUM Series HD Rollers are guaranteed to roll for life. PERIOD.

What's so special about your rollers?

HD Rollers are designed to carry loads of 500 pounds. Because they are installed on a tandem carrier, they will carry loads of 1000lbs. That means that a single door panel can weigh up to 2000 lbs!

How do I know that your rollers will fit in my track?

The two most common types of track are box track, commonly called “National Track” and round track, commonly called “Cannonball Track”. Our rollers will fit in any type of these two tracks, however oftentimes we do have to replace the track with our Titanium series track for optimal results. If your doors have a single “J-Roller” on them and use a track shaped like a “J”, this is commonly called “J-Track” or “Half Track”. It is very simple for us to install new track and put HD Rollers on these doors.

Will birds get up in your rollers?

Birds don’t get into rollers, they get into the track. Birds enter the track through the end of the track. For this reason, we install new end blinds on all of our trolley systems and track systems.

How long will they REALLY last?

Nobody REALLY knows. But we are so confident in our HD Rollers that we put a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on them.

What exactly does your warranty cover?

Our warranty covers the design, craftsmanship and functionality of the rollers for the period that you, the owner, are alive or own the building. If the rollers fail to meet the ASTM standards for sliding door rollers, we will replace them free of charge.

What does the ASTM standards mean?

ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials. The ASTM standard for agricultural sliding door rollers is F<5%DW. This means that F (the required Force to open the door) must be less than 5% of DW (Door Weight). For example, if a door weighs 500 lbs, the required force to open the door must be less than 5% of 500, or 25lbs.

How do I know that you will replace my rollers if their is a warranty claim?

The main reason that a company fails to live up to its warranty is the cost to repair the issue. We know that nothing is perfect and flaws in production can happen or extreme field conditions may exist which would result in a warranty claim. For this reason, we have developed a product that once the entire HD Rollers system is installed, rollers can be easily replaced in minutes with nothing but a ladder and a special pair of pliers.

Weatherseal Questions

How does your Weatherseal work?

The weatherseal works by sealing the gap around the door with a variety of brush lengths and various brush holders.

How is your Weatherseal installed?

It is simply screwed into place.

Does your Weatherseal install on the inside or on the outside of the door?

Either way is fine. We prefer the inside, but many seals are installed outside as well. This is really more of an aesthetic issue.

How much air will your Weatherseal really stop?

It is hard to measure and it depends on installation, but brush seals like our Weatherseal are the most common type of door seal used for wide gaps.

Will your Weatherseal get hard and brittle in the winter time?

No. The seal is made from an exclusive blend of black nylon fibers which allow for maximum UV exposure rating as well as freeze/thaw cycles.

How long will the Weatherseal hold up?

It is hard to say, but we offer a 10 year warranty on the Weatherseal.

Automatic Door Questions

How wide of a door will your opener work on?

Our openers will work on single doors up to 24’ wide and double doors up to 48’ wide

Does your opener only work on steel doors or will it work on wood or aluminum doors as well?

Our openers will work on any sliding door regardless of the material

My door seems to drag a little and it is hard to move. Will your opener still work?

Before installing any opener, every door must be adjusted so that it rolls smoothly and is free from major obstructions. When your system is installed by an authorized Propel installer, a certain amount of time is included to adjust and align your doors. Installation of Power Track HD Rollers is recommended for any door and the warranty is extended to a limited lifetime warranty when Power Track HD Rollers are installed.

My doors are old wooden doors (or old steel doors) and they are very heavy. Will your opener still work?

Because of the patented design of the motor, the Propel system will move over 160lbs of force. This is a significant amount of force that would be challenging for the average person to move. However, pre-installation checks should be made to ensure that the track, trolleys, bottom door guides and header and jamb clearances are all operating smoothly. Any issues with these critical points that are not resolved prior to installation of the Propel system could result in severe damage to the door and/or its components.

Do I have to unlatch my door to open it?

No. In fact, we remove the latches because we install an automatic roller latch that secures the door when it is closed.

How much clearance will I lose on my door with your system?

2-3″ total depending on the guide system that you choose for your door. There is no loss in opening height with the exception of a max clearance sidewall door or a door that is on a building with a ceiling installed. In those two cases, it is possible to lose up to 2 in height clearance.

Can someone pry my doors open since there is no chain or bar in the center to hold the doors closed once the system is installed?

The system is not hydraulic and therefore has no back pressure relief. Prying the doors open would require applying enough force to break the steel gears and/or the chain. Significant damage to the door would result before the system would fail. There are easier ways for someone to enter the building.

Will your system work on post frame buildings only or will it work on a steel building?

It works on any building. An onsite inspection by one of our technicians will help to determine the necessary hardware for installation.

My building is pretty old. How do I know if your system will work on it?

Age of building is not necessarily relative to the functionality of the system. The system will work on any building where secure connections to the frame can be established and there is a smooth rolling door free from obstructions.

How does the opener work?

The system guides the door (s) open and closed by attaching the motor to the door panel via our door arm. The motor has one internal moving part, a sprocket, that moves back and forth on the stainless steel chain.

How does it guide itself straight in a wind?

The Floor Guide System keeps the door aligned and secure in the wind. This system ensures that the bottom of the door stays in line with the top of the door and bi-parting doors meet in the middle when they come together.

What if the power goes out; are my doors stuck?

No. There is an emergency release cord that you simply pull to disengage the motor. To re-engage the motor, simply pull the release cord again.

How far away does the remote work?

It varies. However, the radio frequency will usually work up to 300 feet away. If the doors are open, it will reach farther than if the doors are closed.

Can I install an opener myself, and if so, how long will it take?

You will need to plan a full day or two with a good assistant and the right equipment, i.e., a scissors lift on doors over 12 tall and the appropriate tools.

Does it require power to operate?

Yes. Each opener uses about 5amps of electricity. Check with your local electrician to make sure that you have observed and complied with all state and local building and electrical codes.

My location is pretty remote and has no power. Will you still install the opener?

Even if we use a generator to install it, you will still need power to operate it.

Do I need a concrete floor to install the system?

You do not need a concrete floor, but you will need a concrete threshold through the opening to constrain the door on the bottom. Power Track is fully tooled and skilled to install concrete thresholds and small aprons.