Sliding Door Accessories

Everything you need to make the most of your shed.


Our Sliding Door Weatherseal Package is made from a unique blend of fibers that have an ultraviolet resistant additive – which means that they won’t break down from the sunlight. Our brush fibers won’t get hard in the cold, either. They keep their shape year round and come with a full 10-year warranty. This system allows you to seal up your door from ice, snow, dust, wind, rain or any other unwanted intruders including mice and bugs. This proprietary blend of fibers is food-grade safe which means that mice and insects won’t chew it or try to pass through it. Combine this system with our insulation package to seal up an insulated door.


Insulating a sliding door can be like putting a screen door on a submarine. By nature, sliding doors are designed with gaps between the building and the door to allow for smooth operation.

Additionally, sliding door frames do not typically lend themselves to a simple and easy insulation method. At Power Track, we have solutions for your needs. Our door frames are easily converted to a frame designed for the addition of 1-1/2” thick foam board insulation. This insulation system is installed between the frame and the skin for maximum thermal efficiency. This allows for a full, uninterrupted wall of insulation that other doors cannot provide.

Finally, our weatherseal is installed to close off gaps and crevices to reduce air infiltration as much as possible





Sliding Doors are always subject to high winds. Over time, these wind pressures can weaken the horizontal framing members (called “girts”) on the doors. In extreme cases, these girts can become permanently bowed. When the girts become permanently bowed, the door will rub on the jamb during the open and close cycle and the door will be difficult to operate. If the girts are weakened, the doors will typically only be hard to operate during windy conditions.

At Power Track, we have developed a product to eliminate this problem. Our unique and exclusive Roller-Guide System creates a barrier between the door jamb and the door girts that is buffered by a high strength roller bearing. This allows the door to move smoothly during conditions that would typically be difficult to operate.

In the video, notice the marks on the door girts where the wind has pushed the door into the jamb causing it to open with extreme difficulty. With the Roller-Guide installed, this is no longer a problem area for this customer’s door.



Side Cinchers – Keep Doors Shut

Are you tired of the cumbersome process of latching and unlatching your doors? Does it bother you when a storm rolls in and you can’t remember if your doors are shut and latched? Introducing the side cincher system from Power Track Sliding Door Systems. This unique latching system operates on a rolling pin and keeper design so that your doors are latched in the open or closed position no matter what. No more silly gate latches that don’t work.

No more hassling with lining up your doors to make sure both ends are at just the right point to get them to latch. Simply open or close your doors fully and walk away knowing that they are latched and secure.

Floor Guides

We’ve all experienced opening or closing doors in high winds and having them get blowin in and out by the wind while we try to wrangle them into place. Operating sliding doors in windy conditions is difficult and can be outright dangerous. That’s why one of our top products at Power Track is the Floor Guide System.

The Floor Guide System is a series of guides that are adjustable in height which are mounted to a flat concrete surface to constrain the bottom of the door during the open and close cycles. By using guides located on the outside of the bottom rail rather than guides that go inside the bottom rail like many other companies are using, the door does not get “pinched” in the wind. The Floor Guide system allows the door to move smoothly and freely without being blown out in windy conditions.